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While the Chapter has a Board of Directors to make decisions on behalf of the organization,  much of the work to implement those decisions is completed by volunteers and administrators. The contributions of our volunteers are invaluable to the continued success of the new chapter. CCI appreciates your support and we hope you will consider volunteering for one of the committees listed below. For more details about each of the committees and their respective focuses click here.

  • Conference Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Education Committee
  • External Relations Committee
  • Governance / Policy Committee
  • Professional Partners Committee
  • Website/Social Media Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Finance Committee


This opportunity is open to all current members of the Grand River Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute, including unit owners of our condominium members.

Committee Selection

While an individual’s preferences are considered, the Chapter aims to match volunteers to the committee that best fits their skill set. To assist us with this huge task, we ask all interested volunteers to fill out the application so that we can match you to a committee.

Application Form


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