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May 6, 2021 - Condo Life is Grand

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Education Committee Spotlight


With the formation of the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO), the Education Committee has developed courses that build on the mandatory CAO director training.

The Education Committee is committed to offering timely, informative, and practical information for condo owners, managers, and industry professionals. To this end, the Committee has put together a full calendar of events for this year.

The Level 200 courses go into more depth than the mandatory CAO director training. Based on the Level 200 Enhanced Director Training Manual published by CCI-GRC, these courses cover topics from Tarion and Roles of Directors & Managers, to Performance Audits and Reserve Fund Studies. This year, sessions are offered from February to June via Zoom for safe and easy access; in fact, sessions have been viewed by CCI members all across Canada.  Chapters from the Level 200 Training Manual have been grouped into two-hour sessions and are offered once a month. Each session includes a Q & A period at the end to give participants the opportunity to get answers to their questions. Speaking at these events will be condo owners, board directors, and representatives from CCI-GRC’s professional business partners. For 2021, all Level 200 courses will be offered free of charge to current CCI-GRC members as an additional bonus to their membership.

The Level 300 courses cover topics in even more depth. The session on Reserve Fund Studies (RFS) is always well attended. Participants are asked to bring their own RFS for the presenting experts to review and comment on. Other Level 300 courses tentatively scheduled for this fall include Tarion as well as Community & Compliance.

The Education Committee has also had great success with its “Leaders Circles” offered this year in June and July posing the interesting question, “What did we learn from the pandemic that we would like to continue doing in the future?” Traditionally, following short introductory presentations by industry professionals, participants break into smaller groups to share and compare their own experiences on the topic. This year, these workshops will be offered in a slightly different format which participants will hopefully find just as meaningful.

As you can see, the Education Committee will be busy this year and welcomes input from members and industry professionals to share at future events.


Kathleen Schrumm
Education Committee


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