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April 30, 2020 - Educational

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Building Security and COVID-19


Commercial Building Crime Rate is up

According to the National Post, “A new pattern of neighbourhood crime is emerging right now and it looks something like this: fewer traffic violations, less drunk driving, fewer frauds but way more domestic violence, commercial break-ins and stunt driving.  Self-isolation suddenly and fundamentally changed our lifestyles; how we move, where we go, how we play and who we spend time with. With many buildings sitting empty right now, commercial break-ins are up 45 per cent in March and vehicle thefts increased 44 per cent.”

Regardless of the size and location of the building, make sure the doors and locks provide safety and peace of mind for residents in all areas of the building, including front and side entrances, parking garages and storage spaces.

Prevent Risk to Buildings and Residents

There are a variety of immediate products & services to consider during a crisis like this.

·         Door Interlockers – A protective force for all aluminum and wood doors.  The door guard extends

  the length of the door and creates a seal between the frame and door.  It will protect vulnerable areas like electric strikes on access doors, deadbolts and lock cylinders.  Interlockers come in a variety of finishes and can be on steel, aluminum and wood doors.  They are flexible to work for both inswing and outswing doors.

·         Lost keys/damaged locks – Replacing lost keys, designing new master key systems and providing high security keys (pick resistant and non-duplicatable) as options to secure premises.  This is the perfect time to take inventory of your current key system: key owners, room access, duplicate keys and key storage. Additionally, you may want to learn more about the benefits of high security keys, such as pick resistant and key control (restricted key-way for your building only).

·         Door Hardware – routine repairs of door frames, exit hardware, fire-rated hardware, and door closers in the event of an emergency in the building.

·         Key Boxes – there are a variety of key boxes available on the market to track the use and storage of keys for common areas and units.  Key boxes have the functionality of remote monitoring and access through a range of technology devices.

Future Planning

A new health ecosystem will dominate citizen thinking.  Health is and will be an everyday preoccupation beyond anything we have seen.  Property managers and owners will need to consider devices that will limit the need for physical contact with hardware.

·         Smart systems/locks – The option for a homeowner to use Bluetooth or remote management of their entry doors, unit locks, lockers or parking access.

·         Accessibility – The province is steering towards accessibility requirements (AODA) by 2025.  Automatic door operators and universal washroom kits are low-touch solutions for common areas. 

Maintaining a high level of security within your building can be easily managed by utilizing a team of experts who understand the important of resident safety.


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