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November 11, 2021 - Updates for Members

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Back by popular demand, we have more Condo Memoirs!



Back by popular demand, we have more Condo Memoirs! These Memoirs give members a chance to anonymously share their most unbelievable stories. Read on for a glimpse into the adventures of condominium living.

"A few years back, I had a call to attend a site as there was damage to an elevator. I arrived on-site and noticed some dents in the door of the elevator. I proceeded to look at the camera, and to my surprise (not really), I found the damage was caused by a young lad which looked under the influence, who was bent over and running into the elevator door with his hands out like an airplane. I guess he didn't realize that the elevator door was not open."

 "At a brand new building, I received an email from a resident regarding a broken appliance, which included a picture of the broken appliance. Okay, we saw what was broken, but under further observation, there was a reflection in the stainless steel of this man in his birthday suit. At the office, we were not sure if we were to laugh, cry, or be offended. In the end, we all laughed."

 "On a site walkthrough, we attended the bathroom area, which was locked down due to COVID. We happened to find the doors unlocked, and the bathroom in use. While we proceeded to knock, we heard a guy's voice "Oh Crap". Afterwards, we heard a girl start to laugh. When the people eventually collected themselves and came out, it wasn't his wife that came out with him. Needless to say, he turned red with embarrassment."

 "I was about to leave after completing a walkthrough of a building when something stopped me. It could have been divine intervention or just a gut feeling. I ended up going back into the building, collecting the keys again and making my way to the roof area. Nothing was on the roof except some roofing equipment as the siding was being redone. I walked out on the roof to find a lady hanging over the edge about to jump. I was able to talk to her and get her off the roof and had the police take over once we got back onto ground level. I still can't explain how I was told to go up there."

Do you have an unbelievable story that you would like to share with our members? Send it to us for our Condo Memoirs! You will remain anonymous.


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